5 Kardashian Specials Scott Disick’s New Restaurant Needs (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Apr 24, 2012 Celebrities

Scott Disick at new restaurant opening, RyuI freaking love Scott Disick. Seriously, how can you not adore a man who thinks it's cool to rock a cane and most likely coordinates his boxers with his socks and shirt every single damn day (and does it well!)?

Last night, Scott celebrated the opening of his new New York City restaurant Ryu with his biggest supporter Kourtney Kardashian as well as the entire Kardash fam (and Kanye!) in attendance. Sadly, Kim changed out of her Kanye West studs for the occasion.

Although there's not much buzz about Ryu just yet, what we do know about the new NYC hot spot is that it boasts a Japanese menu with all meals under $30. Japanese inspired, eh? 

Man oh man, do I have a few guesses about what's on Scott's menu.

  • Eda-Kylie & Kendall


    Image via Albert K Law/Flickr


    There's nothing I love more than starting off a great Japanese meal with a heaping serving of edamame. Since Kendall and Kylie are just like two peas in a pod, it would be only appropriate to name this salty dish after Scott's ladyfriend's younger sisters.

  • The Kimmy Roll


    Image via Pacific Coast News


    When you think Kim Kardashian, you think over-the-top right? Let's be real, the woman did throw a 440-guest, multimillion-dollar wedding. You know what that means, right? If Scott's going to have a sushi roll in Kim's honor at his new restaurant -- it's going to be massively elaborate (but beautiful).

    I envision the Kimmy Roll as one of those HUGE hand rolls sliced in half, topped with enough pizazz to fill you for days. Spicy tuna, loads of tobico, maybe some mango in there, you know what I'm saying. Oh, and of course -- it has to have a whole lot of wasabi on the side. Kim is H-O-T, after all.

  • Kourtney's Kraving Roll


    Image via Sweet On Veg/Flickr

    When a woman has a pregnancy craving, it's her man's unwritten obligation to help her satisfy it. Consuming raw fish is pretty frowned upon with a bun in the oven, but that doesn't mean sushi is totally off limits.

    The Kourtney's Kraving Roll is the perfect compromise. Made with sweet potato, asparagus, and avocado -- Kourtney's Kraving satisfies a desire for sushi without the fishiness.

  • Lamar's Pre-Game Snack


    Image via raneko/Flickr

    Everyone knows the importance of carbo-loading before a big game. Sure, Lamar may be on the sidelines for now -- but the man's a big guy and he's gotta fuel up.

    Lamar's Pre-Game Snack is the perfect blend of carby deliciousness. Made with udon noodles and delicious broth, the dish is Scott's way of encouraging Lamar to get back in the game.

  • The Jennertini


    Image via Pacific Coast News


    Kris Jenner, she's the queen Kardashian bee. What better way to honor her at Ryu than with her own cocktail?

    The Jennertini is made with the best vodkas on the market (obviously), and is sweetened with freshly muddled watermelon. Nothing less than the best for the mommager!

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