OMG, Katy Perry Hooked Up With Some Guy at Coachella ... Snore (VIDEO)

katy perry rob ackroydWell, looks like somebody changes her mind like a girl changes clothes ... and her name is Katy Perry! Yes, the ex-Mrs. Russell Brand is reportedly "moving on" -- and wouldn't you know it, there's proof!

Because Perry and her new dude, Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd, were all about the PDA at Coachella (though between Alicia Silverstone's kid and Rihanna snorting coke off some guy's head, it's a miracle anybody noticed).

So let's put this news into perspective, shall we? A newly single gal in her 20's made out with a hot guy at a music festival ...


Um. Well, that's ... completely normal. And to be expected. Yawn.

Seriously, I would've been worried about Katy Perry if she went to Coachella and DIDN'T make out with some dude.

And by the same token, I'll be shocked if Perry and Ackroyd ever speak to each other again. Come on, haven't you ever hooked up with somebody at a festival like Coachella? Yeah, that's what I thought. And what was his name? Yeah, that's what I thought TOO.

So how about a friendly wager, guys?

Who do you think Katy Perry's NEXT hook-up is going to be?

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