Angelina Jolie Is Too Busy Saving the World to Care What Chelsea Handler Says (VIDEO)

angelina jolieY'know, the thing of it is, I'm a big Chelsea Handler fan. But I'm a huge Angelina Jolie fan, and no matter how much hate mail I get from Team Jen (I'd rather not "die in a fire," thank you very much), I'm going to keep on pointing out Miss Jolie's many virtues. Case in point: Guess how Angie spent her weekend? Not shopping. Not lying by the pool. Nope.

Angelina Jolie spent the weekend visiting Ecuador as special envoy for the U.N. refugee agency (her first trip to Ecuador since her special envoy appointment, but her third trip to "assess the situation" of the thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Colombia).

Hmm, suddenly Handler's comment about Jolie being the "opposite of a girl's girl" seems pretty ... meaningless.


Say what you will about the woman, Angelina Jolie is NOT one of those celebs whose humanitarian claims extend only as far as the red carpet at some glitzy benefit. Jolie walks the walk. And listening to her speak about the situation in Ecuador, it's clear: Angelina Jolie sincerely wants to help. I believe her when she says her "heart breaks" for the refugees.

Watch this clip and see for yourself. Somehow I doubt Jolie is losing any sleep over those silly non-girl's girl accusations.

Are you impressed by Angelina Jolie's huminatarian work?

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