'True Blood' Season 5 Spoiler: Bon Temps' 2nd Cutest Guy in Trouble! (VIDEO)

terry bellefleurSo, some of you Truebies are probably aware of my long-standing devotion to Alexander Skarsgard. And it's true -- I'm Team Eric all the way, no diggity, no doubt. That said, I must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Terry Bellefleur. Sure, he's got a pretty extreme case of PTSD going on, but he's still just a big old loyal teddy bear (a damn hot teddy bear at that!).

Poor guy, he's already been through so much ... I reeeeaally don't want anything bad to happen to him! 

Which is why this clip from True Blood Season 5 has me freaking out ... !


Things aren't looking so good for Terry in this scene: He's with his former platoon leader, Patrick, in what looks to be a garage or a shed or something, and there's some crazy guy in a knit hat pointing a big ol' gun at their heads!!

I have no clue who this dude could possibly be, though he does say this:

“I’m real sorry for what I got to do. Maybe if I kill you, it will forgive me. It’s called the evil, and it’s coming for us.”

Hoo boy, sounds like this one's got some issues. The evil? Oh my god, could the evil be ... René's ghost?!

Check this out:

What do you think? Do you have any idea who the gunman might be? What's "the evil" he's talking about?

Is Terry one of your favorite True Blood characters?


Image via hbo.com

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