Kim Kardashian's 'Kanye West' Earrings Are Super Cheesy

kim kardashian kanye west earringsSo, Kim Kardashian made a bold style move recently. No, she didn't go out sans her hair or eyelash extensions. She wore a pair of gold and diamond studded earrings that bore the initials "K.W." As in Kanye. West. Riiiight?

The earrings are actually really cute on their own. They're the perfect thing to wear if you want to represent your kids or your husband, or hell, even yourself. But wearing them in honor of a dude you just started dating -- a dude you haven't even publicly said you're dating? Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh, notsomuch.



It's just ... well, it's a little cheesy, no? This might sound weird and not make any sense whatsoever, but I feel like when girls or guys wear something for their significant other -- initials, whatever -- when they've been together a long time, it's cute. When it's after just a short period, it's just kind of immature. It reminds me of wearing your crush's necklace or jacket in middle school. With the former, it doesn't seem like you're trying to prove anything or make any grandiose declaration; you're just wearing something. With the latter, I don't even know.

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Now, don't get me wrong, this is way better than doing something more drastic, like getting a "K.W." tattoo, so props to Kim there. But I think it's a little too soon for Kim to be draped in diamond and gold "K.W.'s." Then again, maybe, just maybe, Kim is merely doing what she does best: Getting the media's attention. In which case, well-played.

What do you think of Kim's Kanye earrings?

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