Jessica Simpson Just Can't Help Sharing Pregnancy 'News'

Jessica SimpsonWhat a difference a few months has made for Jessica Simpson. Remember way back when J Simps didn't give a fig what the press was saying, she was sticking to that "not pregnant" story? The surprise she Tweeted about daughter Maxi this weekend is way on the other end of the sharing spectrum.

It looks like all Simpson can do is talk about her pregnancy these days: whether it's the gender, the name, the shower, the sex ... And add this one to the list. Just in case you wanted to know, Simpson is ... wait for it ....


Still pregnant!

Wait, that's news? Well, when you're Jessica Simpson it is, folks. Gotta keep people talking. Geez!

Her actual tweet made reference to congratulations she says she'd gotten from people who thought she'd delivered -- based on some not-very scientific proof floating around the Internet that she'd popped (seriously, TMZ's "proof" amounted to the number of cups of coffee daddy-to-be Eric Johnson was holding ... apparently cups meant she was now ready for caffeine??). I can't exactly blame her for setting the record straight. A lie is a lie, after all. No one wants people telling untruths about them.

But Jessica's speed at dispelling the rumors is such a 180 from the way she was back in the early days of pregnancy. In fact, the more she opens her mouth, the more obvious it is there is only so much motherhood will do to change Jessica. She likes to talk about what's going on in her life. So she does. It's as simple as that.

After that uncharacteristic spell of quiet, she has gone right back to being the same slightly goofy, very loose-lipped (and by very I mean very, very, very) celebrity who laid it all out on Newlyweds. And if she's keeping up her constant patter this close to delivery, it seems this is the way she plans to play motherhood too.

It's the sweet delivery Jessica puts behind all her oversharing that makes it hard not to love her. But here's hoping she starts holding back some time in the near future ... or putting a lot of money away for the therapy the kid will need to recover from Mom telling the world every time she farts.

What is your favorite overshare from Jessica Simpson over the years?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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