5 Ways to 'Control the Crazy' From Vinny G's Fricken Self-Help Book

vinny g bookHey, there's more to Vinny G than meets the eye, okay?

More than a tanned and toned guido livin' the life on the Jersey Shore. He's got issues like you don't even know, except you will -- you'll know Vinny better than his own mutha after reading his just-released self-help book, Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama and Maintain Your Inner Cool.

That's right, Vinny G has generalized anxiety disorder -- and a fairly severe case, from the sounds of it:

"I can work myself into a fearful, paralyzing state of mind that lasts for days, weeks, and even months where I feel mad scared, totally isolated and alone ... I'm talking anxiety that causes night sweats, insomnia, extreme weight loss, headaches and a mind that won't shut the 'eff up!"

Aww. That's no fun. You've gotta feel for the guy.

And since he obviously knows what he's talking about, who knows? Maybe America can learn something about emotional health from the guy, too ...


Here are a few tips we picked up on our first read-through:

1. Don't dwell so much on what's stressing you out. Says Vinny, "No matter. We've all got something. What's most important is that whatever's got you down, you have a set of simple, kick-ass tools that you can pull out of your back pocket and put to use right away."

2. Think positive. Says Vinny, "I discovered that if I could simply master my mind, I could control my bad days rather than let them control me."

3. Get spiritual. Vinny says his healing process began when he started reading books by "hard-core" Buddhist monks: "I'm not kidding -- as soon as I started reading them, my life began to change."

4. Don't believe all the "mumbo-jumbo" out there. Most self-help books made Vinny feel even "more messed up."

5. ABG. Always be grateful.

Not bad, right? Makes a lot of sense.

Will you buy Vinny G's self-help book?


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