Kate Middleton's Rumored First Anniversary Gift From William Sounds Perfect

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamWith her wild lil' sis getting herself into big trouble with the law, and her husband having just returned home from a long time away on RAF duty in the Falklands, it's no wonder Kate Middleton is content to spend her first wedding anniversary (next Sunday, April 29!) at home. But yaaaawn! The press is a bit bored with this news, so they're turning up the heat on the couple, critiquing not only their anniversary plans, but also Will's gift for his beloved Duchess.

Reports suggest that Kate is likely destined to receive another piece of the late Princess Di's jewelry ("likely Diana's sapphire necklace," an insider tells InTouch) from her hubby. And this, apparently, calls for tongue-clucking.


CBS News Royal Correspondent Victoria Arbiter told The Huffington Post:

Kate is very gracious and she looks at William giving her any of his mother's jewelry as a tremendous sign of love, but I think any girl at some point is going to be like, 'Could I just have something that's just mine?’

Uh, I highly doubt that completely ridiculous thought would ever cross Kate's mind. She knows how much Princess Di meant to William -- not to mention the entire world. I'm sure she thinks it's an extreme honor to receive her jewelry.

What's more, a family heirloom like that is exactly the kind of gift any wife should want to receive for a special anniversary ... or birthday or "just because," etc. Jewelry with meaning and a story behind it, particularly a piece that belonged to someone your patner cherished so deeply, always means more than something they just happened to scout out at a department store and think you'd like.

Oh, there's a time and a place for that kind of gift, too. But I'm sure many women would agree -- the romantic value of a piece is significantly increased when it's an heirloom. That makes it more than jewelry -- it's a treasure. Critics can just shush! Sounds to me like Kate is about to have the best, most memorable royal anniversary of all time.

Do you agree that most women want jewelry from their S.O.s that is "just theirs" or are heirlooms more romantic?


Image via Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

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