Zac Efron's Mom Gives His 'Lucky One' Sex Scenes a Thumbs Up (VIDEO)

Zac EfronWho's excited for The Lucky One!? I know I am. Heck, it's been quite some time since I've had a Notebook worthy cry in the movie theater, and well, let's face it -- Zac Efron is studtacular. The Lucky One's hunky star recently spoke to People about a few of The Lucky One's hottest scenes. Get this: when he attended a screening with his mom in New York, he actually LEFT the theater when things got, erm, intense with co-star Taylor Schilling. Efron said: 

"She was just laughing about it in a good way. She said, 'That's my boy!' I think she was proud of me at the end of it, even if it was weird for her to watch. My mom is my biggest supporter."

HA. It's all part of the business Zac. Momma wouldn't want anything less for you than an A-class X-rated performance!


Yeah yeah yeah, it's always sorta awkward when you're sitting around watching TV or a movie with the 'rents (or your kids!) and things start to get H-O-T. But getting steamy is part of what Zac DOES. If doing the dirty came off unbelievable on screen, I'm sure momma would have something to say about it. It's not in a creepy, awkward way. It's in a -- I'm proud of you and I wanna see you do your best, way.

Like any good mom, Zac's mom roots for her son's successes no matter how intense they are. What's the saying again? A family who watches the hot stuff together stays together? Right, something like that.

Watch Zac dish on his lusty love scenes, here:

Are you planning on seeing The Lucky One?


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