Supermodel Brooklyn Decker Has a Hot Girl Crush

Wow. So Brooklyn Decker, the blonde supermodel who is married to tennis ace Andy Roddick, appears in a sizzling new photospread in GQ magazine. But what’s even more sizzling is that she talks about her top five crushes. And who is high on the list? Not Brad Pitt. Not hubby's rival Novak Djokovic (mmm, check him out). Nope, one of Brooklyn’s crushes is a girl. And it’s none other than fellow supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

“Usually, it's guys on my list, but Gisele is just so perfect in every way,” Brooklyn said.


Agreed. We all have a few girl crushes, and Gisele has definitely been one of mine. Even when she's bitching at her hubby Tom Brady's football teammatesBrooklyn is also into Kristen Wiig. She says of Wiig’s Bridesmaids character: "I feel like her character is my inner soul.” Uh, really? That’s a bit weird. But I'll cut you some slack on that, Brooks.

The only other crush the super-hottie mentions (albeit reluctantly) is Dave Matthews, he of the Dave Matthews Band. Well, okay. We all have that one crush that no one else gets. Mine would be James Franco. Wait, everyone gets that. James, mmm.

As for girl crushes, I’d probably add supermodel Irina Shayk to that list. Oh, and Heidi Klum. I even have a photo of me and Heidi, dating back to when I interviewed her for a magazine profile. Here’s me and my girl crush, Heidi. I'm sure I was hers too! (Heh.)

Do you have a girl crush, ladies?

Images via Greg Papa Razzi/Flickr; Kiri Blakeley and Heidi Klum: Courtesy Kiri Blakeley.

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