Kate Middleton Look-Alike Is No Kate Middleton

sophie moulds
Sophie Moulds, Miss Wales
When are people going to realize that there's really just no match for Kate Middleton? The Duchess of Cambridge is a beauty & style icon in her own right -- and women really need to quit trying to remotely resemble her.

Being inspired by her amazing fashion sense and taking style cues from her on how to dress is one thing, but claiming to be her "look-alike" or "double" is another thing entirely. And that's exactly what the newly crowned "Miss Wales", Sophie Moulds, seems to think she is -- and quite a few other people agree with her.

Other than being tall, thin, having long brown hair, and wearing copycat dresses of Kate's, Sophie really doesn't resemble the Duchess at all. Making the comparison between the two would be the same thing as me claiming to look like Reese Witherspoon because I'm a mom with blonde hair who sometimes steps out in ballet flats. (See how ridiculous that sounds?)


Sophie is definitely an attractive 19-year-old, but she just can't hold a candle to Kate Middleton. For one thing, she doesn't have the same royal aura about her. Kate has well, this sort of captivating presence that surrounds her, and it's even evident in photographs.

This girl looks like a typical beauty queen you see in any other pageant around the world, complete with a wide-eyed grin and what appears to be mile-long hair extensions. (Kate wouldn't dare wear fake locks.)

Take a good look at the photo of Sophie above -- and then picture her wearing anything other than a Kate-inspired dress. Would the resemblance still be there? Probably not.

And another thing, if you've got to pretend to be someone else in order to win a beauty pageant, then what does that say about you as an individual? Sophie should ditch the Kate copycat looks and try and win competitions on her own merit instead.

Do you think Sophie Moulds truly looks like Kate Middleton?


Image via Splash

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