Angelina Jolie Rides the Bus But Pigs Still Do Not Fly

angelina jolie bus

What's this -- Angelina Jolie riding a BUS?!? With Brad and all six kids? How could this be? Weren't they mobbed by photographers, not to mention excited fans? Where are they going? How long was their trip? Were they in New York or LA?

This is so exciting! Angelina really is just like me -- we both ride the bus. Maybe we could, like, ride the bus together someday! We could be bus-buddies. Wow, who knew the Jolie-Pitt crew were so supportive of public transportation? This totally makes my day.


Oh wait. I knew it was too good to be true. That's a chartered bus in Ecuador.

Well, it figures. The only kind of bus the Jolie-Pitt family could take safely is one that's in a foreign country where hardly anyone knows who they are. Public bus in New York City? Never happening. Angelina isn't Jake subway-ridin' Gyllenhaal. I mean, they don't even fly commercial. They arrived in Ecuador by private plane. I can't blame them -- they're escorting six children the paparazzi are obsessed with. How did the tabloids even find them there?

The whole fam-damily is on their way to the Galapagos Islands to celebrate Brad and Angelina's engagement. I love that they're all celebrating together. And the Galapagos Islands? So cool. Can't you just see all the Jolie-Pitts clambering over volcanic rocks and chasing iguanas?

Supposedly Brad proposed in front of all the kids months ago. So I guess they waited to celebrate? Well anyway, they don't need an excuse to take their kids on vacation.

Have you ever seen a celebrity on public transportation?


Image via Splash News

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