6 Hot Eco Celebs That'll Make You Go Green (PHOTOS)

leonardo dicaprioAh, Earth Day. A time we can all reflect. A time we can all dial back our meat-eating, energy-sucking ways. (Step away from the filet mignon and the private jet for one day, people!) Also, a day we can talk about hot dudes. Hot, green dudes. That's celebrating, right?

Here are six smokin' hot eco-minded celebs that are guaranteed to make you green. Enjoy your Earth Day, guys.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only does the super sexy actor have his own eco website and foundation, he's rumored to live in a house that was built using sustainable materials and eco-conscious construction techniques. Yum!


john mayer

John Mayer. Yeah, he may have done (and said) some super tacky things, but there's no denying that John Mayer is easy on the eyes -- and the environment. His recent tour, "Another Kind of Green", was inspired by nature and included bio-diesel buses, eco-friendly merchandise for sale, waste reduction and recycling backstage, and sourcing sustainable supplies and local food.

matt damon

Matt Damon. He's co-founder of water.org, a nonprofit organization committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. 'Nuff said.

brad pitt

Brad Pitt. He's always doing all sorts of philanthropic stuff (especially to Angie's ring finger!), but one of the classier things Pitt's ever done was after Hurricane Katrina. Brad donated $5 million to Make It Right, an adopt-a-green-home campaign that helped restore New Orleans. For every $150,000 that came in, a family got an eco-friendly, disaster-proof home.

adrian grenier

Adrian Grenier. The Entourage star has another show on the channel, Planet Green, called Alter Eco, which features himself, as well as a team of eco-experts. They demonstrate the little changes you can make to in order to lead a much greener life.

tobey macguire

Tobey Maguire. The Spiderman hottie, who also happens to be vegan, reportedly has banned all leather items from his house -- anything! Shoes, belts, etc. Wow. That's dedication. 

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?


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