Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Kanye West's 'Beyonce' (VIDEO)

kim kardashian kanyeWhen Kanye West supposedly said of new girlfriend Kim Kardashian "She's my Beyonce" the world rolled their eyes and said, Bitch, please. Okay, maybe that was just me. But even Saturday Night Live mocked Kanye and Kim in a clip with a fake Piers Morgan.

Unable to endure another moment of humiliation Kanye set the record straight and shouted from the mountaintops: I DID NOT SAY THAT! He told Us Weekly, "..of course there are a lot of media inaccuracies surrounding this past couple of weeks, especially the 'She's my Beyonce' quote. I would never compare anyone to my friend's wife."

Well of course you wouldn't, Kanye. Because you and Kim are NOTHING like Jay-Z and Beyonce!


Kanye and Kim are both way too silly. We can't take either of their publicity-grabbing selves seriously. It'll be at least 20 years of serious dignified behavior before we'll ever forget Kanye's "Imma let you finish" interruption. And Kim? You know I love Kim K like she's my super-famous rich sister but at this moment in time she's best known for her 30-second marriage.

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I mean, who knows if this relationship is even real or if it's just some genius idea dreamed up by their publicists. (Either way, as a spectator? AWESOME.) But Kanye and Kim are not the accomplished and talented grown-ups Jay-Z and Beyonce are. I mean, Kanye does have a serious career. I'll give him that. But Kim? Let's let the SNL version say it for me.

Yes, a "zero threat." Meanwhile, Jay-Z and Beyonce dwell among the gods and goddesses of celebrity couples. If they were ever to split I'm positive there would be an earthquake somewhere, or a plague of frogs, or at the very least a meteor shower. But hey, knock yourselves out, Kanye and Kim. Let's see how far you can take this thing.

How long do you think this relationship between Kim and Kanye will last?


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