Teresa Giudice's Absence From 'RHONJ' Press Tour Proves There's Awesome Drama Ahead (VIDEO)

teresa giudiceYou know, those Real Housewives of New Jersey may be smarter than I give them credit for. Sure half of them are in debt and the other half are too self-righteous to see beyond their McMansions, but heck, I just read that Carolina Manzo, Jaqueline Laurita, Kathy Wakile, and Melissa Gorga refused to promote the show if fellow cast member Teresa Giudice was around. The season four premiere is this Sunday and the ladies were obligated to publicize their series, but clearly, their camp was divided into two very uneven parts.

Some wondered if Teresa's absence during promotional interviews meant that she'd been fired from the show, but no. It just means that everyone hates her, and she hates them right back, and they're not going to be seen together. Which is to say, this season's going to be amazing.


With this amount of animosity, how could it not be full of eye-scratching, backstabbing, hair-pulling, weave-pulling, table-flipping, money-dissing, husband-insulting, drag out, dead out, fights?

If they hate each other enough that they'd jeopardize getting the word out about their show, which in some cases is the ladies' only source of legit and significant income, then shit must have really gone down this season. As the Huffington Post points out, Bravo made an exception to their rule and started filming season four while season three was on the air so they could catch all of Teresa's bankruptcy drama, which makes me wonder ... do you think we'll actually get, like, a meta view into this season? As in, do you think in season four we'll get to watch them watch season three episodes and then talk about how badly that came across, or how poorly it was edited, stuff like that?

I freakin' hope so. That would be fantastic. I don't know if you guys have seen any of the reality-drama The Only Way Is Essex (it's basically The Hills in England), but THEY watch episodes of their show during the show and it's terrific. To see how they cringe ... priceless.

Can't wait to watch.

Are you excited for season four?

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