Crusty Old Has-Been Mel Gibson Gets Another Case of the Rants (LISTEN)

For weeks, two crusty old windbags have been duking it out with each other, cross accusing each other, calling each other names, and generally making a big stink. No, it’s not your great-uncle and that cantankerous misanthrope down the street who sits rocking on his dilapidated porch all day with his rifle in his gnarled hand. It’s two legends of Hollywood, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas and professional nutjob Mel Gibson.

The latest salvo from the ornery pair involves Gibson threatening to sue Eszterhas for something or other. Oh yeah, for releasing expletive-filled audiotapes of Gibson hoarsely ranting, insulting everyone, and generally being hateful and scary. You know, like he did two years ago. And six years ago.

Take a listen to the latest:


Eszterhas, who is famous for penning screenplays like Showgirls and Basic Instinct, is also treading down familiar cranky territory. Twenty years ago, Eszterhas got into a verbal brawl with superagent Mike Ovtiz and decided to fax him (yes, you faxed back then) a nasty letter telling him what a douche he was. Eszterhas then decided to make the fax public. In what passed for something going viral in 1989, everyone in Hollywood then faxed it to everyone else in Hollywood. The faxed tirade made Eszterhas famous.

So, I guess he's decided to do it again but with audio? Joe, we’ve seen this ploy before. Move on.

Eszterhas and Gibson both used to be shining stars. Eszterhas has banged out his share of stinkers, but he also wrote the brilliant Music Box, which starred Jessica Lange, and I've always been a fan of his Jagged Edge. Gibson, before he became a lunatic, did some great films. Lethal Weapon isn’t exactly Citizen Kane, but it’s a good popcorn flick. Mad Max was noteworthy. So was Braveheart. (Wasn’t it? Never saw it.)

These two need to stop trying to get attention with their temper tantrums and retire to a life of beer drinking, card playing, and fiddling with their carburetors. Either that or they need to make a movie together: A remake of Grumpy Old Men.

Should Gibson and Eszterhas just shut up already and go back to Hasbeenville?


Image via FamaTV/Flickr

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