What Courtney Stodden's New Show Lacks in Substance, It Makes Up for in Slutty Clothes (VIDEO)

courtney stoddenYou saw Courtney Stodden's Sexy Veggie video, right? (If you haven't, run, don't walk, people!) Well, I've got some good news. There's puh-lenty more where that came from. Courtney Stodden, 17, and her husband, Doug Hutchison, 1,000, are bestowing unto the world a video series on YouTube to celebrate/commemorate/irritate her turning 18 in August. I watched the first video -- I guess you could call it the pilot episode -- entitled, "My Foot Hurts," and let me tell you: You are in for a real cinematic treat.

Ladies and gentlemen: Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison in "My Foot Hurts." (Also, not to split hairs here, but the directing of the whole thing is very Pedro Almodovar. Just sayin'.) Okay, check it out.


I love how they managed to create the sense of tension. I was like, "Is her foot going to ever get better?" "What will happen if it doesn't?" Weren't you? And I like the twist at the end where we found out that it wasn't her shoes. Totally wasn't expecting that!

Anyway, I'm pumped for this series. Not only do I think we're going to get a lot of great material out of it, I think a lot of great material is going to come from this great material, know what I mean? Saturday Night Live skits, spoof YouTube videos -- hell, Anderson Cooper (who we all know loves Courtney) already talked about her new show, and her sexy veggie affinity, on his show. The entertainment possibilities are endless!

So, grab your best buds and a bucket of popcorn, everyone. American film just got a whole lot classier. U.S.A! ... U.S.A.! ...

Are you planning on watching Courntey's show?


Image via CourtneyStodden/YouTube

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