Kim Kardashian's Cryptic Tweet Was Totally on Purpose

kim kardashian tweetOhhhhh, grrrrrllll. Guess what I just read? A tweet from Kim Kardashian. But not just any old tweet from Kim Kardashian. A tweet from Kim Kardashian that read: "Nobu with no boo." I know, riiiiiggghhht? What does it mean? Was she talking about Kanye West? Was she just attempting a clever play on words? Who is her boo, dagnabbit?! The not knowing -- it's driving me maaaddd!

Psych. (Kind of.) You gotta love celebs and their cryptic tweets. Or anybody and cryptic tweets for that matter! I mean, the reason for a cryptic tweet or a vague Facebook post isn't really for the purpose of being cryptic or vague, right? It's to incite publicity -- or in the case of us non-famous folks, questions and attention.


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We've all seen it before. Hell, it even has a name in some circles: Vaguebooking. It's when someone (perhaps you) will write something just titillating enough to get people wondering/talking/commenting, but that, really, answers no questions whatsoever. It's the perfect PR move for celebrities because it can be construed into anything the media wants to make of it; and it's the perfect move for non-celebrities who just want a little love.

Personally, I don't think Kim's tweet meant s**t. I think it was just a cute play on words and, of course, a way to get some attention. And it worked. Look, I just wrote an entire post on it. An entire post on a four-word tweet! You're good, Kim, you're real good.

Do you know anyone who "vaguebooks"?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Twitter

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