'50 Shades of Grey' Author Is a Total Twi-Hard (VIDEO)

e.l. james author of fifty shades of greyShe might not seem it, but I would venture to guess that Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James is over-the-moon right now. Completely blissed out. Who wouldn't be if they had an insanely successful bestselling book that seems to have skyrocketed to success overnight? Funny -- James totally didn't see it coming. She was on the Today show yesterday, talking about how she went about writing the steamy novel, and get this -- she had absolutely no idea that she was writing a hit. She fully admits that writing was basically just a fun hobby for her.

In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fifty Shades of Grey started out as ... wait for it ... Twilight fan fiction!! Whaaat?! So, in other words, James is a total Twi-Hard and her erotic tale was completely inspired by the Twilight saga. OMG -- explains so much!


Sure, we already knew that RPatz and KStew were being considered for the lead roles of Anastasia and Christian in the film version, but who knew that James could have been envisioning them -- maybe even Taylor Lautner too? -- as she wrote her books?! Crazy!

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Of course, the correlation here isn't so bizarre. I'm sure after being frustrated by Twilight's almost complete dearth of sex, plenty of fans take to the page for, err, self-satisfaction. Ha. James is definitely forthright about the book being a way to explore her own fantasies. She told TODAY:

This is my midlife crisis, writ large. All my fantasies in there, and that's it.

Hot. When you think about it -- who wouldn't be inspired by the saga's success, accessibility, romance? It's kind of a given that any writer these days -- not just a Twi-Hard -- would want to inject a bit of that winning formula into their work. And obviously, by doing so, it has paid off big-time for James!

Here's the video of James on Today ... Her interview kinda makes me want to be her new BFF.

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Does this make you want to read Fifty Shades of Grey or, if you've already read it, enjoy it even more?


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