Bar Refaeli Thinks She's a TSA Agent Sexual Fantasy

You have to appreciate a woman who has self-confidence. There are too many women in the world who unnecessarily stress about whether they’re too fat, not smart enough, or not pretty enough. Thank goodness for blonde supermodel Bar Refaeli. She knows she’s hot.

Bar looks smashing in a bikini, as evidenced by her smokin’ Sports Illustrated cover. And she's dated -- hello! -- Leo DiCaprio. Swoon. And, oh yes, Bar is so hot, so mega, so darn tootin’ babelicious that apparently a female TSA agent couldn’t resist copping a feel during a routine airport patdown. This according to the bangin' babe herself, of course.


Tweeted Bar:

I got a security "patdown" by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences.

Was that a patdown or a vagdown, Bar? Please don’t spare us the dirty details.

It may come as a surprise to uber-suhweet Bar, but perhaps the female TSA agent wasn’t a lesbian taking advantage of the chance to get all up in the nooks of one of the world’s hottest chicks. Maybe she was, like, just doing her job. You know, protecting us from wackos who might want to blow up the plane or fly it into a skyscraper. Hey, Bar, I’ve seen grandmas get a vagdown. They aren't reserved just for hotties.

And not for nothing, Bar, but I think I’m fairly patdownable. Maybe I’m not a supermodel, but I’ve got it going on. I’ve been hit on by lesbians aplenny! And you know what? I’ve never had a vagdown at the airport. You know why? Because I go through the full body X-ray machine. This way, the TSA lookie loos can get a gander at my deeevine bits in all their fluorescent glory.

Try that next time, Bar. Give those TSA ladies something to really get excited about!

Do you think a TSA agent was feeling up Bar or is she just full of herself?


Image via CelebMatch/Flickr

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