Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Teaser Turns Up the Testosterone (VIDEO)

Justin BieberWow, how glad am I (and you will be too) that Justin Beiber decided to wait until he was legal to release the teaser for his sexy new music video for "Boyfriend." Guess we've gone a long way from his "Baby" days, haven't we? I mean, in the first shot of "Baby," he's actually covering himself up!

Well, the 45-second teaser for "Boyfriend" premiered on The Voice last night, and if you missed it, thank god for YouTube. (Seriously, I really have no idea what we did pre-YouTube era.) Needless to say, it's getting everyone hot and bothered. Never before have we seen Bieber this sexy! I can see this video becoming yet another 720 million-hit YouTube sensation, just like "Baby." (Seriously. Over 720 million hits!) Whew, Bieber really has grown up.


I feel like I need to take a cold shower. Hopefully watching this video won't make Selena Gomez too jealous ... though some folks think Selena herself actually makes an appearance!

Anyway, this is some of the hottest stuff we've seen from The Biebs. Crikey, those smoldering eye gazes, dripping icicles, lots of up-close shots of full, plump lips, Biebs whispering sweet nothings into hot models' ears, pulsating, wet speakers (yeah), a bunch of faceless women's arms shooting up out of nowhere to grope and manhandle him -- seriously, where did all those arms come from? I wasn't sure whether to be surprised or burst out laughing.

I can't even imagine what the rest of the video is going to be like ...

Still, I do feel like Bieber is taking a cue from his mentor Usher. When you can only see his black silhouette, that small little snapping move brought Usher to mind immediately. They even rock the same kind of hat in said silhouette. You simply can't go wrong following in Usher's amazing footsteps.

And a small kudos to The Biebs for using some non-white models for a lot of the close-ups! There's nothing quite as sexy as a non-discriminatory Bieber.

What did you think of the teaser for "Boyfriend"?


Image via kidrauhl/YouTube

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