Miley Cyrus Rushed to the Hospital for Knife Wound -- But That's Not the Worst Part (VIDEO)

miley cyrusYowch, y'all!

Miley Cyrus went and cut her finger with a kitchen knife and was bleedin' all over the place and it must've been pretty cool bad, too, because Liam Hemsworth, Miley's mom, AND her grandmother apparently all had to accompany her to the Emergency Room. (Where she got stitches.)

At least we can probably assume that the starlet will make a full recovery.

But can the same be said for the rest of us?

Because in case you didn't immediately make the connection, Miley's injury in and of itself isn't the real tragedy here. No, the tragedy lies in the fact that she'll no doubt be forced to take a break from working out until her finger heals, and you know what that means ...

No new pics of Miley in workout gear! HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?


Think about it: What kind of an empty existence can we look forward to now? How long and dull the days will surely be without those workout gear updates ... those moments of pure sunshine when we get to temporarily lobotomize ourselves and care only about the dress Miley wore to Pilates (what WAS she thinking?!). Or the sheer (rock hard), belly-baring top she wore ... also to Pilates?

It's going to be a rough week or so, guys. No point in trying to sugarcoat this one. Unless, of course, Miley is a real trooper and carries on with her fitness regime against doctor's orders (or what I'm assuming are her doctor's orders).

You can do it, Miley! No pain, no gain!

If you were Miley Cyrus, what would you wear to work out?

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