Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have Been Torn Apart by 'Twilight' (VIDEO)

kristen stewart with robert pattinsonNo fail, whenever Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are spied out and about solo, rumors start flying. Are they fighting again -- about RPatz's hair or weight? Is one halfway around the world shooting another flick? Maybe one of them is flirting with Lindsay Lohan! Usually, the real story is that there's no harm, no foul goin' on. Such was the case this past weekend ...

KStew arrived to the red carpet for the world premiere of Paul McCartney's new music video "My Valentine." (Side note: They do red carpets for those?! Okay, I guess it's different when you're an ex-Beatle ...) But RPatz was nowhere to be seen! You'd think he would have been her date, right? As it turns out, there's no trouble in paradise between these two, but they are being "kept apart" for reasons out of their control.


A source tells Hollywood Life: "[Rob] didn't want to make it the Kristen and Rob show and take away from the actual event." But that's just the tip of the iceberg ... The source elaborated:

They also have a clause in their Twilight contracts that they can only appear together at a Twilight themed red carpet together. Twilight kind of owns some of their appearances they do together until Breaking Dawn is 100% completed.

Bummer! In other words, the film franchise that made it possible for them to meet, fall in love, spend the last few years working together, and become world-famous is actually putting a major damper on their relationship. No wonder they've seemed sort of "standoffish" as a pair in public! They've been contractually obligated to stay away from one another when they're attending events unrelated to the flick. WOW. You learn something new every day, huh?

I find this completely fascinating and depressing all at once. I guess these crazy kids knew what they were signing up for when they got cast in one of the biggest film franchises of our century (so far), but it still stinks that they've had such stringent parameters about their appearances together. I'm sure it has thrown a wrench in their social plans from time to time, not to mention that the Twi-Hards want to see them together anywhere, any day, any ol' red carpet. And I'm sure they've wanted to be together in public outside of their Twilight appearances.

Oh, well. Guess the good news is that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be here before we know it, and then our fave Twilight lovebirds will be free to fly together wherever and whenever they wish.

Here's a clip of them making one of their rare appearances together on a red carpet in London ...


Can you believe this?!


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