Pippa Middleton Parties With Strippers Like Her Sister Kate Never Can (VIDEO)

pippa party

Pippa in the news again! Whup-whup, girlfriend's been partying with the rich and twisted. Know what Pippa's crew calls a gun stunt on the streets of Paris? Brunch. Hours earlier she was at the 30th birthday party of one Arthur de Soultrait, debauched aristocrat and fashionisto (is that the masculine for fashionista?). And according to Page Six, it sounded like one of SNL Stefon's clubs:

Kinky masks, bondage outfits, and a woman fire-eater, making sparks fly with a power tool ... 

Everyone dressed up like Marie Antoinette's pre-beheadding court when they weren't dressed like pirates. And did we mention the strippers and dwarves?


Now there are some who are going to feel sorry for Pippa here. Poor girl, out alone in the world without round-the-clock police protection, and rules, and the Queen as her MIL, and high expectations for propriety. Look what a mess she's making! But do you really want to live in a world where Pippa Middleton always behaves? We already have one of those -- her name is Kate.

Pippa gets some of the perks of having a famous, royal sister -- but she also gets to do everything Kate can't. So BE YO BAD SELF, Pippa.

Oh, she's sorry and embarrassed about the whole gun thing now, I'm sure. It's not like she was raised by wolves. Bad Pippa! Bad, bad Pippa. But the tabloids are hungry. They must be fed. FEED THEM! We waited way too long for this latest scandal.

Do you think it would be hard to be Kate Middleton's sister?


Image via Vicompte A/Facebook

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