Kim Kardashian as Mayor Isn't Such a Crazy Idea (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianIt was inevitable really. The day the world has been waiting for/dreading has finally arrived -- a Kardashian has announced her intent to run for political office. Yes, it's true; Kim Kardashian has her sights set on the job of mayor.

No not some silly mayor on Foursquare or Mayor of Hottown, which many already consider her, but for a real, actual city in California. Residents of Glendale, consider yourself warned. She has a detailed plan of attack for attaining the position to lead the city of 190,000, which she recently outlined for Khloe in an unaired piece of footage for Khloe & Lamar that Ryan Seacrest recently posted on his website.


While Khloe kind of laughs off Kim's plan, Kim is dead serious with dreamy political stars in her eyes. She talks about how the city boasts a strong Armenian community, and how her friend Noelle is going to lead the campaign. I really don't think she's kidding, people. I bet she's already planning which designer hat to throw in the ring.

At least people have five years to plan, as Kim says she needs that amount of time to buy a house and establish residency there. Realtor Alert: I predict either a mass exodus from or influx to the city based on this news. It could soon be a hot market.

It's not that there have never been crossovers between the entertainment industry and politics. We've seen Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even a reality TV star -- Sean Duffy of The Real World -- make the transition. But a Kardashian?

As crazy as it seems, it may not actually be the worst idea ever. She's learned a lot about business as she and her family have built their empire peddling everything from nail polish to diet drinks, and she definitely knows how to draw and capture the attention of an audience. She's no stranger to scandal, which will prepare her well for politics, and she's certainly weathered her fair share of slander and criticism that often comes with such a role. Not only that, I bet they could sell tickets to city council meetings and bring in a fortune in revenue for the city. Most importantly, what a great idea for a new reality show!

What do you think of the idea of Kim Kardashian running for mayor?


Image via EEntertainment/YouTube

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