Courtney Stodden's 'Sexy Tomato' Video Shows a Genius at Work (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden sexy veggieYou guys, I think I owe Courtney Stodden an apology. And you, too, if you've ever read anything I wrote about her that insinuated that she "wasn't smart" or that she "acted ridiculous" or that her "behavior was vulgar." After watching her video on "sexy vegetables" this morning -- starring a mutated tomato that looks like a penis -- it dawned on me: I've got it all wrong. Courtney Stodden isn't an over-tanned, under-dressed, attention-seeking caricature. She's just working on her dissertation. At Yale*. And the joke's on us.


We're the ones being screwed with. Not her. She's the puppeteer and we're just the flimsy wooden dolls in her game. We're the pawns and bishops in her metaphorical chess game. She's conducting some sort of social experiment -- and we're all failing miserably. Me, in particular!

I was totally convinced that she really thought the Easter Bunny could be construed into a sexual being of some sort, and that she thought that pumpkin-picking was the perfect time to debut a pair of white go-go boots. And her boobs and her ass. But no. I now know no one can be that ridiculous. It's simply impossible ... right? It would be, like, human de-evolution or something. Like that Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy -- in real life. 

So, I tip my hat to Courtney. She really had me fooled there for a while. I genuinely thought that she was for real. The tomato thing just took things over the edge, though. It was too unbelievable. Too completely and totally insane. She had a good run, though. And I look forward to reading her dissertation.

Check out Courntey's "sexy veggie" video:


*Courtney Stodden didn't go to Yale. Please don't think she went to Yale.

Image via CourtneyStodden/YouTube

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