5 Brangelina vs. Jen Aniston Rumors We Can't Wait to See Next (VIDEO)

brad and angelina at academy awardsIt's official: Brad and Angelina are engaged. Not so official: Jen Aniston doesn't really mind. In fact, she's elated and "so grateful" that things have turned out this way -- her with Justin, Brangelina together, says a source in The Daily Mail* (so you know how seriously we can take this information). Uh-huh. Anyway, now that everyone's reportedly made amends, the tabloids are going to have to give up the ghost on everyone's favorite celeb love triangle since Liz Taylor "stole" Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds, right?

WRONG! Brangelina nuptials be damned -- the Brad 'n' Angie vs. Jen dramz is totally going to live on. Here, five new rumors the gossip mill is sure to churn out now that the Jolie-Pitts are going to make it official.

  1. Steamy role reversal! Obviously, in Hollywood, getting hitched doesn't mean anything in regards to monogamy! In fact, their marriage will just up the drama quotient for the tabs. How long 'til we see a coverline blaring that Brad is cheating on Angie with Jen -- just like he did to Jen with Angie??!
  2. Justin & Angie hook up -- out of boredom! They'll meet on the set of a new movie or at a fancy black-tie event and be so enamored with one another -- you know, Justin has that bad boy thing going on that we know Angie loves and maybe Brad is lacking these days, and it comes out that Jen is too "goody-goody" for Justin -- that they begin an affair. Of course, Brad and Jen find out -- and are left to console one another!
  3. Brangelina can't marry -- because of Jen! Maybe the tabs will claim Jen never signed her divorce papers with Brad, or there's one minor legal loose end hangin' out there ... And she refuses to take care of it, so the wedding is put on hold. Dun dun daaa!
  4. Angie goes bridezilla. Suddenly, she'll be completely wedding-obsessed, jetting all over the world to find the perfect location for their "I do"s. Brad can't believe it ... and calls Jen for advice. Uh-oh!  
  5. The legacy will carry into the next generation ... If Jen and Justin have a daughter, Maddox or Pax will definitely break her heart. Or maybe Jen and Justin have a son? Shiloh will be all over that!

Here's more news on the big engagement ...

What other rumors do you think the gossip rags will come up with now that Brad and Angie are engaged?

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