Tupac Shakur Hologram at Coachella Brings the Rapper Back From the Dead (VIDEO)

tupacHOLY SH*T, Y'ALL. Tupac Shakur's ghost rapped at Coachella this weekend! This is almost for real. Fifteen years ago he died a young man. But last night a hologram of Tupac rapped on the stage with Snoop Dogg.

There he is, with every last tattoo, necklace swinging, and all the crotch-grabbing, mike-pointing moves. Did I mention he was glowing? And not in a just-back-from-the-spa way, either. More a just-back-from-the-other-side way. This would have freaked your sh*t out if you'd seen it live!


Word has it that the crowd was almost stunned to silence when Tupac appeared. It was the last thing they were expecting: Tupac, back from the dead! What a dramatic moment -- first to see him rise up on the stage (li ter al ly), and then actually start singing -- in that voice. It must have been thrilling and terrifying.

Tupac's hologram sang his hits, "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" and "Hail Mary." Of course. This is exactly the kind of shocking, theatrical stunt Tupac himself would have loved. I mean, it was almost more like his ghost singing than anything else.

If you'd told me a hologram of Tupac sang at Coachella, I would have just rolled my eyes at such a cheesy idea. But I think it was so unexpected and the hologram was so realistic and true to Tupac, it wasn't cheesy at all. It was a phenomenal performance no one will ever forget.

Here's a censored version of the performance.

Here's a more complete NOT SAFE FOR WORK version.

What other dead performers would you love to see in holograph form -- or would you rather not see anyone dead that way?


Image via cloudn9necinema/YouTube

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