'Game of Thrones' Recap: Tyrion Shows How a Small Man Can Cast a Large Shadow

Game of ThronesThe third episode of Game of Thrones, called "What Is Dead May Never Die," helped prove why we all love Tyrion Lannister. We also got a look at even more new characters, further adding to the checklist of the numerous folks that we have to keep up with (I don't think that Brienne could have been more perfectly cast). Can't believe we're almost a third of the way through the season!

Of course, loads of spoilers to follow, and there are a lot of storylines this fast-paced episode touched upon. Dysfunctional families, a secret whore, a not so secret homosexual love affair, some awesome one-liners, swords to the throat and gut, and watching Tyrion at his best ... I'd say this was a classic Game of Thrones episode!


This episode manages to touch on all the plotlines quite well: Jon Snow tries to tell his commander that Craster is leaving his sons out in the woods ... turns out all the babies are offerings. Bran Stark's dreams also get more real, as he believes he is becoming his direwolf and inquires about magic. Catelyn Stark finally meets up with Renly Baratheon to rangle a compromise. He's a young, good-looking, friendly king, with 100,000 men at his command. We also meet Brienne, who's tall, blonde, and kickass -- plus completely infatuated with Renly. It's going to be fun watching Brienne and Catelyn, two strong women, interact in future episodes.

Renly is secretly -- well, I guess not so secretly -- having an affair with Loras Tyrell, even though Renly married his sister, Margaery, winning the support of their powerful family. Margaery even kindly offers to have Renly take her from behind so it reminds him of Loras, in a classic hilarious-yet-awkward GoT one-liner. Along the same dysfunctional family lines, Theon Greyjoy isn't getting along that much better with his family, yet he still makes his decision to fight against Robb for his father. What a punk.

But it's Tyrion who steals the show in this episode. He both sneaks out an informant and keeps his whore Shae safe in only a way Tyrion can. First Shae becomes the handmaiden to Sansa, so she can be kept close while remaining undiscovered by Cersei, who'd use Shae against him.

Then Tyrion tells slightly different plans to the eunuch Varys, Pycelle, the Grand Maester of the Seven Kingdoms, and Petyr Baelish. He plans to marry off Cersei's daughter Myrcella, much to Cersei's dismay, and she unknowingly gives away her informant: It's Pycelle. After Varys finds out Pycelle is imprisoned, he tells Tyrion a riddle about how power is all in perception -- and how Tyrion can use that to his advantage. These are two really cunning, deliciously intelligent guys I would never want on my bad side!

The episode ends with some fighting that was pretty much absent last week. Joffrey's men are still looking for Gendry, and after Yoren tells a rather poignant story about his past, of course he's immediately, violently killed off. Arya opts to save the three imprisoned men of the Night's Watch, and she and a few of the other young ones are rounded up and kidnapped. She misleads the guards by saying that another young boy with an injured leg, Lommy, who the guard killed was actually Gendry. We'll see next week if they believe her lie, and if her saving the prisoners will give her some much needed good karma.

What did you think of Tyrion's scheme to discover the informant? Do you think he's the most powerful of them all?


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