It's Official! Brad & Angelina Are Definitely Engaged

angelina jolieAfter hints from a jeweler and a few rumors here and there, Brad Pitt's rep has confirmed to the Associate Press that he and the mother of his six children, Angelina Jolie, are engaged. Hear that? Brad and Angelina are engaged. There's no date set (that we know of) and who knows where or exactly how they'll tie the knot, but let it be known that Hollywood's prom king and queen are going to be husband and wife.

Between now and their special day, there'll be an endless and titillating flow of rumors about the ring, location, the dress, and the guest list. Oh my, the guest list. Can you imagine the buzzing swarm of A-listers that will be the Brangelina wedding dance floor?


Question. Do you think Kate Middleton and Prince William will get invited? Jesus -- just thinking about Kate jumping up and down when the band plays "Shout" is sort of blowing my mind.

Then there's Brad's best friend, George Clooney. I wonder if George has been saving his most devilish prank for Brad's wedding day. Will George put cellophane over the men's room toilets? Switch out the delicious cake for one made of cow liver? Hire Jennifer Aniston as the officiant? Whatta jokester, that guy.

And of course, I'm curious to know who Angelina will piick as her maid of honor. Hilary Clinton, maybe? Oprah? Come to think of it, I can't really think of a female friend of Angie's that we've seen her hang out with. Hmm. Maybe Shiloh, Zahara, and Viv will be her ladies in waiting. All I really know for sure is that Stacy Keibler will NOT be part of that bridal party. I hear they kinda hate each other.

However Brad and Angie decide to make it official, be it in a lavish ceremony surrounded by Hollywood elite, or in a private cave Angie's picked out off the coast Madagascar, I look forward to reading all about their big day for months, possibly years to come. The newsstand just got a whole lot prettier.

Who do you think will be invited to Brad & Angelina's wedding?


Photo via Splash News

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