Lionel Richie Isn't the Only Celeb With Serious Tax Problems

lionel richieUh oh. Lionel Richie is in big trouble. The man behind such classics as "All Night Long" and "Hello" has received a tax lien from the IRS, which basically means that homeboy needs to fork over some serious dough to the government, or else. Richie's net worth is around $200 million, and the Internal Revenue Service thinks he owes about $1.1 million in unpaid taxes. With tax day and the tax deadline right around the corner, I bet Lionel's weekend just got a lot less relaxing. No one likes to hear that they're in debt to the government, no matter how rich you are.

There is, however, a bright side. The lien could be erroneous, and he might not owe anything at all. But, if it is found that Richie hasn't been paying his fair share of the tariffs, he'll join a long list of celebs who've tried to skirt forking over cash to Uncle Sam.


We all know that Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage have some SERIOUS tax issues, but did you know that in the last 18 months alone, some high profile celebs have gotten into some taxable hot water? It's sad, but true.

Lionel Richie might want to give Al Pacino a call, because the 70-year-old Academy Award winner had a lien put against him for unpaid taxes to the tune of $188,000. Pacino's shady business manager was likely to blame, but still, Pacino had to pay up.

Martin Scorsese is also familiar with avoiding calls from the IRS. Last year, the world-famous director was slammed with a $2.85 million tax lien. Scorsese says he doesn't owe, so who knows. It's your classic case of he said, she said, only with a ton of money involved and possible jail time if the whole thing isn't sorted out.

If Lionel gets really desperate for advice, he might want to text Lil Wayne. The pint-sized rapper is all kinds of familiar with the IRS knocking down his door. At one point he owed $1.3 million, got that sorted out, then was surprised by a $5.6 million lien last year. How he's going to sort this out is a mystery, but let's hope if he's brought in front of a judge, he leaves his gold grill at home -- people who don't pay taxes shouldn't have enough money for bejewelled teeth.

And if Lionel can't find anyone to turn to, he can always get in touch with Casey Anthony. She owes about $70,000 and is more than familiar with getting away with things -- maybe she could teach Lionel a thing or two about successful evasion.

Here's hoping Lionel gets some good advice!

Have you ever been in trouble with the IRS?


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