Lisa Rinna Makes Adult Diapers Look Glamorous (VIDEO)

Someone must have thought Lisa Rinna would be a whiz at advertising, because she's recently taken on a very interesting spokesperson gig. In a new TV spot, the 48-year-old actress gushes about the brand's comfort and sleek lines as she shows off her enviable figure in a slinky evening gown.

The red-carpet-ready product in question? No, it's not Spanx, Victoria's Secret, or L'Eggs ... it's Depend.

As in, the adult diaper.


Rinna's commercial promotes the brand's new "Silhouette for Women" line, and there's no shame in her game—she does a great job of twirling around and happily displaying her diapered assets. The setup is a sort of fake red carpet interview, with Rinna raving,

The new silhouette makes a woman feel confident and it's fashionable. It feels great -- and they're so soft!

Here's a look at the commercial:

I love how they even got her longtime husband Harry Hamlin to provide some hands-on quality checking. "I cannot even feel them," he says, while slooooooowwwwwwly running a finger down her leakproof backside.

Honestly, when I first heard that Lisa Rinna was doing an endorsement for Depend (fun fact: it's Depend, not Depends), I thought it was going to be way more personal—Rinna confesses her longtime incontinence issues, maybe. In actuality, all she's doing is modeling the things, while clarifying off camera that she does not in fact need them.

Still, you have to give her credit for having the confidence to have her name associated with adult diapers. Plus, Depend's parent company made a $225,000 donation to Dress for Success on Rinna's behalf, which is awesome. (Although I wonder if the deliberate charity mention in the ad isn't supposed to further distance Rinna from the product. "See, I don't really wear these, I'm just a philanthropist!")

It's hard not to make jokes about Depend, but then again, I can barely make it through a jump rope interval without needing an incontinence product of my very own, and I'm only 37. (Thanks, parenthood!) Kudos to Lisa Rinna for endorsing something that actually helps people, unlike some celebrities I can think of. (*Cough cough KARDASHIANS cough QUICKTRIM cough*)

What do you think of Lisa Rinna's partnership with Depend? Are you surprised?

Image via YouTube

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