'Glee' Star Dianna Agron Gets 'Punk'd' in Awkward Must-See Stint (VIDEO)

Dianna Agron gets Punk'dAfter watching Ronnie from Jersey Shore on Punk'd last week, I wasn't sure things could get any better. That was, until I heard that Glee star Dianna Agron was this week's target. Shoot, I'm already a major gleek as it is. But Dianna is my homegirl. I mean, we hung out last year in New York, and it was a blast! Now, I get to watch my girl crush make a total fool of herself on MTV thanks to this week's host Hayden Panettiere? Too. Good.

The scenario: Dianna goes over to have dinner with Gossip Girl star and friend Jessica Szohr. When she gets there she meets Jess's "grandpa." Grandpa proceeds to hit on Dianna, then goes to take a nap. During his nap, he develops a painful, erm, erection. What happens next is something you HAVE to see to believe.

Watch Dianna get Punk'd, here:


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I. Would. Die.

The producers hanging out with Hayden before the sting were right, you just CAN'T be rude to an elderly person no matter how uncomfortable the situation was.

I love this even more because it just shows how loving Dianna really is. Hell, I don't know if just anyone would be straight chillin' while pumping some questionable black hose to release their friend's grandfather's questionable boner. Can you say AWKWARD? Not to mention, her reaction after the fact is surely fab. Girl, you were Punk'd, but you handled it WELL.

What did you think of Dianna on Punk'd?


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