Anderson Cooper Should Never Apologize For His Cute Giggle Fits (VIDEO)

anderson cooperEver heard of Dyngus Day? Don't worry, you're not alone. Anderson Cooper had never heard of it, either. For all of our edumacation, Dyngus Day (pronounced Din-gus) is a Polish-American holiday that's celebrated with merriment the day after Easter. It's not very well-known, and the traditions behind the holiday may explain why. Boys spray the girls they like with water, and girls whip the boys they fancy with pussy willow branches. Yes, pussy willow. If that word gives you the giggles, you, me, and Anderson Cooper have a lot in common. He broke down in laughter during his RidicuList segment. Can you blame him?


Today, Anderson's apologizing for his giggle-fest. He says he wasn't so much laughing at the holiday, as he was at the ridiculousness that was his inability to keep it together. During the clip, he comments, "this is so stupid", but he's assuring people today that he meant his laughter was stupid, not Dyngus.

But you know what? Anderson should never apologize for his chuckle parties. They're so happy. They're so joyful. They're so ... everything that's right in the world. He can certainly apologize to those he may or may not have offended, but I hope Coop knows that his chortles make everyone's lifef a little brighter. His laughter is the best medicine after a long day at work, or a long day celebrating Dyngus.

Watch the hilarious clip:

 Do you like when Anderson gets the giggity giggles?


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