Casper Smart's Embarrassing Video Should Make Queen Bee J. Lo Proud (VIDEO)

casper smartI cannot BEE-lieve my eyes: I just watched a video of J-Lo's boyfriend Casper Smart dancing around in a bumblebee costume! He's in a big, puffy, black and yellow striped costume that floats around while he pops and locks. And his little bee antenna and stinger bounce up and down -- it's so cute!

Wait, did I say cute? No, it is HOT!

Some may call the video embarrassing but I think Casper should be proud. He's bopping and buzzing on behalf of bees. The video is a PSA to raise awareness of disappearing bees, and it makes me feel all sticky when he tears off his bee costume and says, "YO WHERE MY BEES AT?" What a honey.


See what all the buzz is about? If J-Lo can start as a Fly Girl Casper can start out as a Bee Boy. I think he should keep in touch with his bumble side and embrace this hive hoe-down. Let it cross-pollinate the whole, entire Internet. Not to mention, it takes a real man to work a bee costume like that.

An aside: I know this is supposed to be all about Casper and his bee-ness, but this DJ? LOLZZZZZZZZ.

bee dj

Anyway, some respect for Casper the Bee Dude. He's working it like a real -- okay, I'll stop with the bee puns. Have Max and Emme seen this video? Wouldn't you love to see Casper dig up that bee costume and do the whole routine -- over and over again -- for them?

Do you think Casper's bee video is buzz-worthy or embarrassing?


Images via MarketingMagazine/YouTube

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