Britney Spears New 'X Factor' Gig Is a Working Mom's Dream (VIDEO)

britney spears Who just signed on as a new judge on The X Factor? It's Britney, bitch! Yes, Britney Spears is officially joining Simon Cowell's talent show, and of course the pop star will be well compensated ... to the tune of $15 million per year.

I could probably make due with that salary, how about you?

Seriously, Britney has landed herself a pretty sweet deal. Besides the fat paycheck, producers are working the travel schedule around Spears' custodial time with her sons AND building the boys their own playroom on the X Factor set. Like on-site daycare, but better!

Damn. Apart from that whole can't make a move without the go-ahead from her "conservators" thing, Britney Spears is basically living a working mom's dream.


(Also apart from Kevin Federline technically having a leg up on Britney, custody-wise. Which boggles the mind. Kevin Federline?! More responsible than Britney Spears? I'm not saying she's Suzy Homemaker, but come on.)

Britney's fiance, Jason Trawick, is part of the deal, too -- rumor has it he'll be a producer on The X Factor.

This is turning into a family business!

Oh, and by the way? Spears has an even better set-up than that other singer/mom-turned-tv-talent-show-host, Jennifer Lopez. Apparently poor JLo gets $12 million per year for her American Idol gig.

Oops, Britney did it again!

Do you think Britney will make a great judge on The X Factor?

Image via E!Online

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