Big Sean Calls Himself Big for a Freakishly BIG Reason (VIDEO)

Rapper Big Sean is enjoying some media attention today, thanks to Chris Brown's just-released song "Til I Die." The fast-paced techno/R&B mix is a collaboration between Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Sean, and it's the third track released off Brown's upcoming album titled Fortune.

However, Big Sean's not just in the news today because of his musical career. Apparently there's a big reason Sean Michael Anderson changed his name to Big Sean, and it doesn't have anything to do with his singing voice.

Curious? OF COURSE YOU ARE, and thank god for TMZ, because naturally they have all the dirty details ...


Several months ago, a rather explicit photo that's allegedly of Big Sean ended up on the ever-scrupulous website MediaTakeOut—and it is quite the fun gun that Big Sean's packing. I mean, we're talking incredible bulk, here. Dude's got more meat in his jive sausage than Hormel has beans.

The image created a flurry of gossip at the time, but now that Big Sean's fame is on the rise, people are once again talking about his Long Dong Silver. Check out TMZ's hilarious (and fairly PG-13) take on Sean's prodigious porksicle:

Now after all this lead-up, you'd probably like to clap eyes on the Rumpleforeskin in question, right? Well, I have just the horrifying link for you, but be warned, it is EXTREMELY not safe for work. In fact, I'm not sure this particular spam javelin is safe for ANY situation, because as trouser trombones go, it's downright terrifying.

Whoomp, here it is.

Yes indeed, that does appear to be Big Sean showing off his own personal Louisville plugger for a web cam. I guess the photo could be manipulated, but I have the uneasy feeling it's real. Frankly, I find it a little disturbing to know that thing is just out there in the world on the loose, but apparently Big Sean's colossal crankshaft has actually helped him in his career:

I really was blessed, man. I think if I didn’t have a big 'situation' I don’t know if I’d even have the confidence to be a rapper. Before any of this popped off I had to have the confidence to get up on stage. I always knew at the end of the day if everything else failed at least I got this.

You know, Big Sean's right. No matter what happens, he'll still be the dude with the foot-long donut-holder. It's always nice to have something to fall back on ... although he may want to make sure it's pointing down before he does so.

If you've seen the Big Photo of Big Sean, what's your call? Is it real, or Photoshop?

Image via UKnowBigSean

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