Jennifer Lopez Rents an Entire Public Beach for the Day -- Rude!

jennifer lopezThere are a lot of things I'd do if I were a rich celebrity -- just 'cause I could, yo. I'd buy a house in Lake Cumo right next to Clooney's pad. I'd have one of those baller meal-delivery services -- actually, scratch that, I'd have a baller live-in chef. And every day I'd rinse my hair with Cristal to keep it shiny. One thing I wouldn't do, however, would be renting out a public beach so other, non-rich people couldn't enjoy it -- like Jennifer Lopez did this past weekend.

Over the Easter weekend, J.Lo shelled out close to $1,000 so she, her man, Casper Smart, and her adorable twins could catch some sun -- and rays -- on a public beach in Long Beach, California. In private. Kind of rude if you ask me ...


I totally get J.Lo wanting to be able to enjoy her day in private, but celebs have access to tons of places and things that normal folk don't. Like yachts and whatnot. Why not just shoot around on one of those for the day instead? Why muck up other people's plans? How annoying would it be if you and your family packed up the car and drove all the way down to the beach ... only to have it occupied by Jennifer Lopez et. al?

And it's not like we're talking about a restaurant or a club here. We're talking about a beach -- a public beach! I didn't even know those could be rented out. (And I'm surprised that it can be done for under $1,000.)

From what I can see in the pics, looks like Jennifer and her crew had a good time. But it's kind of a bummer that it was at other people's expense.

Do you think public places should be rented out for private by celebs?

Image via Splash

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