Sherri Shepherd's Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination Has a Silver Lining (VIDEO)

sherri shepard's last dance dwtsBummer! Even though she didn't even have the lowest score of the night, fan favorite Sherri Shepherd was eliminated on yesterday's Dancing With the Stars. The shocking send-off was a heartbreaker for tons of viewers who really loved following the talk show host's journey thus far. She had been an inspiration to so many, especially working moms, who she had said she was doing the show for.

That's why I guess we shouldn't be at all surprised that even on her way "out the door," Sherri's teary-eyed reaction to her elimination offered fans incredible advice ... 


She said:

I just want to say thank you for letting me live a dream that I've always had. And I want to say to every person out there: That thing that scares you the most, that makes you say, 'I don't know if I can do it, I'm scared, run toward it because it’s so amazing on the other side.

So true! And that message is clearly something that's very near and dear to Sherri's heart, because she ended up reiterating it again on this morning's GMA, saying, "If you don't go towards the thing you fear, you won't be able to say you lived."

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Even though it's over now and Sherri will be moving on from DWTS, it doesn't sound like she has any regrets whatsoever about doing the show. Sure she tweeted that it's "heartbreaking" to have to tell her son that Mommy isn't dancing tomorrow ... But she also said, "Thx to every1 for your encouragement & votes. #DWTS is a memory I will cherish forever. I learned how to 'do it scared.'"

To see a contestant embrace her "failure" in such an upbeat way and genuinely see the silver lining is so refreshing. But being that she's always been so optimistic, I guess we shouldn't we expect any less of her now!

Here's Sherri's last dance ...

 Are you inspired by Sherri's reaction to her elimination?


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