The Kardashians Prove That Moms Should Wear Bikinis

As much as I hate to think about it, bathing suit season is rapidly approaching, and there's really nothing I can do about it. Well, I guess I could move to Alaska to avoid being forced to expose too much skin this summer, but something tells me my husband won't be on board with that plan.

And no matter where in the world you live, you probably take a vacation once or twice a year, and vacations usually involve bathing suits in one way or another. And even though our bodies have been to hell and back after having kids, plenty of us moms still aim for wearing bikinis, even though the odds of them being flattering is stacked against us.

The Kardashian girls recently took a trip to the Dominican Republic, and we can really learn a few tips on how to wear a bikini as a mom by looking at Kourtney and Kris's skimpy swimwear.


Let's start with Kourtney and her big ol' pregnant bikini belly. The string bikini she chose for her beach break certainly didn't leave anything to the imagination, but considering how hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable pregnancy can be, I can see why she'd opt for such a minuscule suit to deal with the tropical climate in the Dominican.

And I guess when you are pregnant, you don't have to worry about sucking in your gut, so you can just walk around in a bikini with pride and let it all hang out there, and nobody really thinks twice. Even though I never would've been caught dead wearing a two-piece while I was expecting, I'm starting to think that pregnancy is the last time a mom can wear a bikini without having every inch of her body scrutinized. Go for it, preggos -- you're worth it.

Ok, enough about Kourtney. Can we switch to talking about how amazing Kris Jenner looks relaxing in the pool in her bikini -- as a 56-year-old grandmother? Va-va-va-voom! Kris teaches moms the best lesson possible when it comes to bikini wearing -- if you've got it, flaunt it! She is in great shape and looks amazing in the suit, so there's no reason that she shouldn't be proud to show off her amazing bod. If I looked as good as her at 34, I'd wear that bikini too. Kris shows us that as long as you have the body to back it up, there really isn't an age limit on wearing a bikini as a mom.

I'm sure I'll cave and wind up busting out my two-pieces once the hot and sticky temperatures hit this summer. But I still can't help but long for the day when one-piece bathing suits are the new "in" thing. The pressure to look good in bikini definitely doesn't go away once you become a mom, but it sure would be nice if it did.

Will you be wearing bikinis or one-pieces this summer?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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