'Glee' Recap: Extreme Sex Appeal Doesn't Make Cooper Anderson a Good Brother (VIDEO)

Matt Bomer, Cooper Anderson on 'Glee'It may have felt like forever, but tonight's return of Glee was well worth the wait. Mostly because, hello, we got to feast our eyes on Matt Bomer, AKA Blaine's older brother Cooper Anderson, for a good portion of the appropriately titled "Big Brother" ep. Sure, it was comforting to know that (SPOILER ALERT) Quinn's alive and well, and what really happened with Rachel and Finn with all that wedding business ... but helllooooo handsome!

Is it natural to be that good looking? Bigger question: when you're that good looking, do you have to pay some sort of tax? OK, I kid. I can't help but start at the end, Blaine and Cooper singing "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye was absolutely unreal. You know what wasn't unreal, though? The way that Coop treated Blaine.

I don't care how "big time" you are, talking down to family like that is just SO not cool. 


For those of you that missed it, Blaine's brother Coop is a hot shot actor. Of course, that's if you consider starring in an "international advertisement" for a credit rating website the big time. It's so far beyond clear that Cooper has let the "fame" go to his head, and in doing so, he's completely ruined the relationship he has with Blaine because he doesn't listen to what he wants or has to say. He's just, well, WAY too focused on Coop.

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We've all seen it play out in the real world. Everyone had that friend at one point or another with the "cool sibling." Hell, maybe you hope for that sort of relationship between your kids. However, it doesn't matter what any set of friends think in a situation like that if the siblings don't treat one another well. The entire Glee crew didn't notice how hurt Blaine was by Coop. Instead, they took his super sweet "acting course" and pined over his every word. Sigh.

In true Glee form though, Blaine told Coop how he really felt at the end, and the duo made up. Let's be real, they did so in probably one of the best ways possible too -- song. Check out the duo's chilling performance of "Somebody That I Used to Know," here:

Did you watch Glee tonight? Do you hope Cooper sticks around for another episode (or six)?


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