Robert Pattinson, a Kissing Poster & More: 'The Daily Stir' (VIDEO)

It's Watch This Now Tuesday on The Daily Stir, so today Amy shows us the best videos of the week. No, the one of your son roller skating into a tree didn't make the cut, but I'm sure you'll find these three clips just as entertaining. The first video on this episode introduces you to a CafeMom Studios original series, The Real Moms of CafeMom. Cody, a CafeMom member from Kansas City, shows us her ingenious kids' storage idea that she's called Mon-Stores. Amy goes on to show us a clip of one very weird "kissing poster", a cool video tour of the White House, and yeah, she throws a photo of Robert Pattinson in there at the end for good measure. Watch to see what I mean:



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