Bethenny Frankel Wants a Hot, Famous Skinnygirl to Play Her in a Movie

bethenny frankelPretty much everything Bethenny Frankel touches turns to gold. She went from being a self-described "poor" Housewife to a multi-million-dollar business woman/Forbes cover girl in just a few short years. And with good reason -- the people eat her stuff up! She's got her juggernaut Skinnygirl cocktail line; her Skinnygirl nutritional line, complete with vitamin packets, health bars, and whatnot; books; shapewear; a reality show; a potential Ellen-produced talk show ... and now a movie. Wait, wha?

Yeah ... if you hadn't heard, Frankel "wrote" a novel. It's called Skinnydipping and it's set to hit stores May 1. And according to Bethenny, she's already been approached to turn it into a "movie or a TV series." But she feels like it's more of a movie. And she thinks Mila Kunis should play her.


In a recent interview, Bethenny told the Associated Press: "I've been approached for the book to be a film and a television series. My gut says it really is a film; maybe later it could be a TV series. It has the arc, the story, the characters to be a film." Then she added: "When I thought about the lead character, I thought about people like Mila Kunis. Expect the unexpected. I think that Mila Kunis would be perfect."

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So, okay, I get that Bethenny dreams big and we shouldn't mock her for it, because, usually, her shit pans out, but seeeerioussssly ... do we need a Skinnygirl movie? Despite the fact that I'd probably shell out $12 to see it, I think not. Enough already! We know how it ends! With Bethenny, laughing all the way to the bank. 

And while we're at it, I really don't see Mila Kunis as Bethenny Frankel. Even though she showed her edgier side in Black Swan, I think Kunis is too soft to play the role. In order for the movie to be convincing, there'd have to be someone much harder as Bethenny; someone who could do a genuine New York accent, not one of those annoying, fake ones. I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with someone who'd be good, but I can't think of anyone right now. Can you?

I'd love to see Bethenny take a little breather here. I know that's not going to happen, but it's honestly getting to be too much. She's all over the place. I understand that she's raking in the dough because of it, but it's going to eventually get old.

Who do you think should play Bethenny in a movie?

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