Kardashian Kollection Home Is Finally Here & It's Glorious (PHOTOS)

kardashian home'Member a little while back we told you that the sisters Kardashian were making the foray into pillows and blankets and trash cans with their Kardashian Home Kollection for Sears? Well, it's heeeere. You're going to look amazing drying yourself off with one of their rhinestone-encrusted hand towels.

The line hit stores Monday and, obvs, is already creating quite the buzz. Haven't gotten around to checking it out yet? Don't worry, angel pie-dollface, that's what we're here for. We're your Kardashian Konnection. And we're bringing you the hottest soap dispensers you've ever seen. Check it out!


Everything's up on the Sears website, but here are a couple of my favorite items:

kardashian home

Decorative Pillow in Desert Dreams, $27.99. A faux fur throw pillow? Um, yes please. This would look fantastic on an all-white couch.

kardashian home

Four-piece sheet set in Spanish Harlem, $90.99-$118.99. At first glance, I wasn't wild about this sheet set, but then I started envisioning it on an all-white bed. (I'm obsessed with all things all-white, as I cannot have them, because my adorable dog is a dirt magnet.) Would be cute, right?

kardashian home

Bath towel in Desert Dreams, $21.69. Seriously, who doesn't need a tiger-print body towel?

kardashian home

Coverlet in New York Dreamer, $90.99-$97.99. Perfect for on top of a comforter or on the back of your couch. So Kardash.

kardashian home

Lotion pump in Desert Dreams, $20.29. While 20 bucks is a little steep for a lotion pump for me, this one's pretty cute. And it would go perfectly with a tiger-print towel.

Are you planning on buying anything Kardashian Home?

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Images via Sears

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