Alec Baldwin's Stalker Case Sounds Like 'Fatal Attraction'

Poor Alec Baldwin—just when he should be sitting back and enjoying his engagement to his 28-year-old yoga instructor girlfriend while gazing adoringly at his bank account or whatever it is they like to do together, he's got a stalker to contend with. Last weekend, Baldwin filed a complaint with police against Genevieve Sabourin, who was arrested on charges of stalking and aggravated harassment against the 30 Rock star.

Apparently Sabourin had been sending him disturbing emails for several weeks, professing her love and begging to have his children, and had been following him and showing up unannounced at his home. Creepy!

But here's the extra strange part:  Genevieve Sabourin isn't just some weirdo off the streets. She's an attractive blonde French-Canadian actress that Baldwin twice took to dinner in 2011. Hmmmmmm.


Baldwin admits he wined and dined Sabourin last year, but that it was strictly professional—he was just trying to help her get some movie roles in the U.S. Now, I'm not saying that this isn't a perfectly valid excuse, buuuuuuut … well, it also sounds a little like the joke my husband's uncle used to say about how he was just helping that sheep over the fence.

The NY Post reports that Sabourin's lawyer is claiming that the relationship was not one-sided: "They met. They had dinner. They had a mutual relationship, with texts, e-mails going in both directions."

Of course, a mutual relationship doesn't explain why Sabourin allegedly turned up at two of his homes unannounced, or why she had to be removed by security at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts where Baldwin was hosting a screening of Last Tango in Paris on April 5.

Something seems to have set Sabourin off recently, and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it was Baldwin's engagement. After all, you know what they say: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Whether Baldwin and Sabourin really did have a romantic relationship at one time or it all existed in her head, if the alleged emails she's been sending are real, she needs a reality check ASAP. According to reports, the French-speaking Sabourin has been sending Baldwin plaintive, broken-English missives begging him to dump his hottie yoga teacher and marry her instead:

I need to start my new life, with my new name . . . in my new country help me my newly [sic] husband, you!

Please Alec come and pick me up now. I am less than 10 min away from you tonight. Say I do to me.

Yikes. Hopefully the arrest was the wakeup call Sabourin needed, and hopefully the temporary order of protection issued for Baldwin will keep Sabourin away while she calms down and gets some professional help.

Do you think it's possible Sabourin and Baldwin were dating at one point, or do you think she's just … you know, nuts?

Image via Flickr/David_Shankbone

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