Kourtney Kardashian Shouldn't Have Trouble Picking a Girl Name -- Girl Names Are WAY Easier

kourtney kardashianEver since Kourtney Kardashian announced her second pregnancy, she's been keeping a low-pro. So, any time she wants to share some intimate details about how things are going, what she's been up to, that's just peachy keen with us. We're all ears. Especially when she starts talking baby names.

Kourtney recently revealed that although she and baby daddy Scott Disick are putting a lot of thought into what they're going to name their little girl (like all parents do), they still haven't been able to settle on a name. She told People: "We always have our little list that I keep in my phone. I have my little list of names, and I cross it off one day and a new one comes. We definitely don't have the name. We're going back and forth."

Wow. A running tab on her phone? Sounds like she's got a lot of options. But how hasn't she picked one yet? Girls' names are so much easier than boys'.


Before I ever got pregnant -- before my husband and I were even married -- we had come up with name, were we ever to have a little girl. And, as luck would have it, we are! So, making lists and checking them twice were never an issue for us. We knew what we wanted and we were sticking to it.

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Before we found out what we were having, though, I was convinced I was carrying a boy. And I convinced my husband, too, so we furiously started trying to come up with names. Want to know what we came up with? Nothing.

We couldn't agree on anything. And anything we did agree on, there was a caveat of some sort. (I.E., You can't name your son Knox when the most famous couple in the world names their son Knox.) Trying to come up with a cute, fun, original boy's name -- that wouldn't get him beat up on the playground -- was damn-near impossible for us. Actually, scratch that. It was impossible. 'Cause we never even had a name that was in the running. (But we did think of lots of other cute girl names in the process.)

I have no doubt that Kourtney and Scott will come up with an adorable, pretty (soon-to-emulated) name for their baby girl. But I've gotta hand it to them, Mason is gonna be hard to top.

Did you find one gender easier to come up with names for?

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