Lamar Odom Can Thank the Kardashians for His Career Slump (VIDEO)

lamar odomPoor Lamar Odom is definitely licking his wounds this morning after the news broke that he was released by the Dallas Mavericks and will be listed as inactive for the rest of the season. (That stinks, doesn't it?!) And while there is still a chance that he could eventually be traded to another team, the future of his basketball career is kind of unknown at this point.

Wait a minute -- does anyone else notice a strange coincidence as to when his game started to take a downward turn? Because it's kind of hard to miss the fact that he started tripping up on the court the minute he tied the knot with Khloe Kardashian.


Ahh -- the dreaded Kardashian curse. Or is it the infamous reality TV curse? Huh. It's a toss-up, I think. Either way -- something got Lamar, and it got him good.

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Think about it -- things were still fine and dandy and he was happy with the Lakers when he and Khloe first got hitched, but the minute they went from simply being newlyweds trying to adjust to married life to putting their lives out there on TV, the cookie really started to crumble as far as Lamar's career went. It's like being on television took his head completely out of the game for good. And it may be pretty tough for him to get focused again if he doesn't take a long, hard look at how much of his personal life is on display. Lamar ought to take a hint from Kris Humphries -- the Kardashian lifestyle just doesn't quite mesh with that of a professional athlete.

Forget keeping up with the Kardashians -- Lamar needs to get away from the Kardashian spotlight if he wants a career comeback.

You can hear more about Lamar's break with the Mavericks in the video clip below.

Do you think Lamar's basketball days are over for good?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

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