'DWTS' Recap: Donald Driver Is This Season's Shocker

This week of Dancing With the Stars was Rock N' Roll week, which is always a blast if for no other reason than the music is awesome. Season 14 did not disappoint.

For me, the highlight of the night was Donald Driver (holy, holy, HOLY). He danced the Paso Doble with intense passion, fiery athleticism and no shirt (drool). It was by far the most effective dance of the season (of anyone) and it earned high marks as well as high praise.

William Levy's dance was also highly memorable, but I am not even sure what he did. He is just so hot. He could stand still for 5 minutes at a time and I would give him a 10! But it was Maria Menounos and Jaleel White who brought the drama.


Jaleel's drama bizarre. The rumors are flying that he goes off the handle in rehearsals, but he seems low key, almost sedated on the show itself. So what gives?

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Monday his dance was fine, but it seemed to lack the passion of his past few. Maybe the pressure is getting to him? Maybe he should have stuck with being Urkel, the funny, lovable and cute guy we all loved. It turns out Jaleel himself is much less sweet and adorable.

Maria's drama is not really her fault. It is the usual "will she perform or won't she" injury situation.

Having had a stress fracture myself, I will say it is amazing Maria can dance on her feet at all. All I can say is: Ouch. Given that, she was by far the second best dance of the night for me.

But Donald Driver took the cake. Who knew he could move like that? When he is on he floor, he looks like he is having fun and that makes him a gem to watch. Certain stars have it and certain ones don't. Driver may very well win this thing.

Gavin DeGraw also did a great job as did Melissa Gilbert. It's a tough night, but my money is on Gladys Knight. Although, I love her style, she seems like maybe the weakest link. If not her, then maybe Gavin.

Who do you think will go home Tuesday?


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