'Jersey Shore', Ryan Gosling & More! -- 'The Daily Stir' (VIDEO)

Happy Monday, everyone! The Daily Stir kicks off the week by talking about the hottest topics du jour. Today our host Amy Boshnack tells us about a baby being born in the front seat of the car, and about Ryan Gosling's life-saving adventures on the streets of New York, and about the Jersey Shore moving to France. These piping hot stories shouldn't be missed! Yeaaahhh buddy.


For more info on the hot topics Amy just told you about, click on these links:

Quelle Horreur! 'Jersey Shore' Is Going to France

Mom Delivers Her Own Baby in Front Seat of Car Driving 85 MPH

Ryan Gosling Saves Woman's Life & Makes His Dreamboat Status Official

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Will you be watching the French Jersey Shore?

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