Andy Cohen 'SNL' Sketch Angers Bravo Fans (VIDEO)

andy cohenThey say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so Bravo executive Andy Cohen should feel pretty awesome today. The host of the nightly talk show Watch What Happens Live and the genius behind such shows as the Real Housewives series, Top Chef, and Million Dollar Listing was lampooned on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Taram Killam played Cohen and poked fun of his "cuteness", the way he squirms in his seat, and his insane ability to get A-list stars to come on his low-budget show.

The skit in and of itself wasn't very funny because the impression of Andy wasn't that great. The jabs were good -- poking fun of the fact he gave himself his own show was classic -- but it was almost as if Killam had never seen WWHL, and A.C. fans are letting him hear allll about it.


People on Twitter are none to pleased with Killan's lame performance. It seems that fans are more disappointed more than they are offended. I mean, if you're going to riff off everyone's favorite Bravo personality, you better make it funny.

I can't wait to see how Andy reacts to the sketch on WWHL. You know he's going to talk about it -- that's what what we love most about Andy. He's an open book. He promised Kristen Johnson via Twitter that he'll discuss it on the show, so tonight's episode should be juicy. Maybe SNL will be the jackhole of the week?

Watch the skit and tell me what you think in the comments -- funny, or not so much?



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